Hair like waves in a painting  
Rounds her face and lengthens her neck 
She reaches out 
to the blanket of stars 
seeking guidance to continue 
Guidance to continue on through the difficult times 
Guidance for the times when she is unsure 
She doesn't question their words of wisdom 
After all the right they have done before 
Why would they steer her wrong now 
All she has done is look for the good in everyone and done the good for everyone 
How long can she go on doing what they tell her is right 
Will she soon be blinded by them and not be able to think for herself 
Will she grow wiser and learn to not have to consult them 
Has she gone too long not thinking about herself  
And always go on in life doing what she has been told 
She stands in the sun, and remains silently attentive 
They cannot be seen, but she still listens 
Their song is distant and dim to the eye 
But in her mind she can hear their voices, calling 
The stars have been fleeting lately. 
She feels them churn within her stomach.

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